Jagat Lama
Main leader and in charge

The brain behind the encouraging cooperation of Independent Trekking Guides Adventure is Mr. Jagat Lama, a true epitome of someone who turned his struggles to opportunities. Having had a difficult childhood due to the remoteness of the village he lived in, he was determined to start a path for future generations where people would not face the same problems he did. Therefore, in his quest to improve his own financial capabilities along with his community, Mr. Lama stumbled upon the tourism industry.

25 years ago starting off as a porter, he endured many hardships to earn that extra buck, but his sheer determination to contribute did not waver, self-teaching himself the English language,  he got his NATHM guide training certificate shortly after. Today, he stands as a great example of someone who worked hard to turn his life around.

In 12 years as a guide, this founder worked relentlessly with trekkers to deliver good service, however always driven by a social motive it was not long before Mr. Lama started to incorporate social work into his trips. Creating a win-win situation he connected many of the remote parts of the nation with experts who then helped in creating health facilities and training facilities in these areas.

His dedication to work has won the hearts of many clients who later became friends and encouraged him to start his own establishment. In 2008, aware of the hardships a guide endures at the hands of companies he took it upon himself to connect guides from various parts of Nepal to establish Independent Trekking Guides Adventure, a cooperative in which guides were well aided, taught, facilitated and also given the autonomy to exercise their entrepreneurial skills and independence.

His accolades include helping build a viable road to his remote village in Nuwakot, establish health posts in the region, providing skill-building training to youths of the area, helping in the post-earthquake rehabilitation and more. Now, Mr. Lama is the great example of someone who believes in doing work that gives back and his organization follows this principle on a daily basis.