Medical tourism volunteering

What is medical tourism volunteering?

Medical Tourism Volunteering, widely referred to as Medical Volunteer Tourism is an effort made by the travellers with the medical background to contribute to the host community. 

Medical Volunteer Tourism focuses on participatory activities, and travelers associated with medical tourism volunteering often view their choice of travel as more ethical than mainstream mass tourism. 

Furthermore, medical volunteer tourism attempts to make a positive contribution to the host community, while simultaneously benefitting their own personal and professional development. 


As beneficial as it may sound, medical tourism volunteering can be geographically challenging in countries like Nepal. 

Along with topographical diversity, the geographical divisions make medical tourism volunteering a bit difficult. The medical tourism volunteers might have to be able to face the change in altitude and adapt to every other change that comes by travel. 

Since the idea is more of a service than of benefit, medical tourism volunteering can be a satisfying journey to the willing ones. After all, when there is will, there’s always a way.

Why Medical Tourism Volunteering?

The geographical diversity of Nepal has not only affected the physical aspects but also the socio-economic factors of people. There are so many rural areas here in Nepal where people are deprived of basic health services. 

People in those areas die of minor diseases due to unavailability of proper health services. Medical Tourism Volunteering focuses on leaving an impact among those people while traveling. 

So, if you are from a medical background and are looking forward to contributing to the community with relevant services, join us. Those with a medical background can plan a trek in one these remote places where people are in need of medical assistance. The trip will be fully funded. All you will have to do is travel to the remote areas with medical supplies and basic equipment so that the underprivileged people there can have access to proper health facilities. 

We also collaborate with the government and organize medical camps in association with the Nepal government. The medical camp is run for 10 days to two weeks.

Objectives of Medical Tourism Volunteering

Medical Tourism Volunteering is very beneficial for developing countries like Nepal. Some of the objectives of Medical Tourism Volunteering are as follows:

  • With the camps of 10 days to 2 weeks, medical tourism volunteering helps to develop medical tourism in remote places
  • To provide health assistance to those in need with proper medical supplies
  • Help to recover curable diseases 
  • Health research
  • Help travelers to explore remote places as well as trekking

Advantages of Medical Tourism Volunteering

In a geographically challenged country like Nepal, Medical Tourism Volunteering will play a vital role in terms of development. 

They say that revolution starts small. If we are to develop the culture of medical tourism volunteering, the lives of so many people would be affected. For those deprived of basic health facilities, medical tourism volunteering becomes very beneficial. 

Where to do Medical Tourism Volunteering?

Travelers with a medical background can either choose a non-touristic or touristic region. Prior experience of any treks as such can be a beneficial point. After choosing a specific region, we will help you with your journey. 

Some of the proper destinations can be destination like Tsum valley. The journey to Tsum valley is a 10 days trek. The valley is culturally rich but is under developed. This camp focuses on areas as such where medical facilities are unavailable. Another appropriate journey can be Dhorpatan Gorilla Trek. 

The camps to Far Western Regions can also be beneficial since this region is comparatively backward in terms of accessibility to basic health services. The great Himalayan trials here, like Humla, Jumla and Rolpa can be the most appropriate destinations for medical treks.