About the Team

Led by Jagat Lama, We, at Independent Trekking Guides Co-operative team, are a group of highly trained-licensed high-altitude trekking guides having more than 20 years of experiences in different trekking routes in the country.

In our team, we have got 12 Trekking Licensed- Guides, 2 Expedition Guides and 25 porters – locals from different areas in the mountain regions, having a good command of English language. We, the guides and the porters are familiar with all the components of trekking, equipment, and diverse destinations. We all carry health and life insurances as well.

We are a great trekking team, always welcoming with a big smile on our face, dedicated towards your safety all the while keeping in mind to provide you all the extreme thrills and experience of trekking and expeditions. You, the adventure seekers and nature lovers – will be provided with basic information about the trips, nature, mountains, people, local values and norms along with all the dos and don’ts, health and safety aspects during the trip.