Agro tourism

What is Agro Tourism?

Agro Tourism can be termed as any agriculture-based activity or operation that brings visitors. It involves activities like going to farms, staying there, getting insights on varieties of crops grown there and performing similar tasks. 

Even today, thousands of people earn their living through agriculture in Nepal. No wonder, Nepal is referred to as an agricultural country. Even the people in urban towns have their grassroots deeply attached to agriculture in Nepal.

Agro Tourism helps to experience a farmer’s life in the proper rural sector. So, basically, agrotourism is all about tourism that involves agriculture. 

The majority of people in Nepal are engaged in agriculture. Nepal is the only country with the lowest altitude and highest peak, both in one nation. This geographical diversity has led to topographical variation as well. Nepal witnesses tropical to extreme temperatures and seasons. 

From the Himalayan trail in the north to the green hills ending up in the flat terrain in the south, Nepal is a home to varieties of crops. The variation in the species of plants is based in accordance to the topography, humidity and other geographical factors. These geographical diversity has also supported to the formation of mines and caves. 

Nepal is heaven to geographical experts for they can carry out relevant research here. The varieties of animals also reside in each geographical regions. The waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and all the natural picturesque make Nepal a perfect place for agro-tourism.

Agro tourism is one of the best alternatives to generate income locally. The promotion of local farms and ranch helps farmers economically. Also, it contributes to the internal tourism of the country. Furthermore, agrotourism is the best utilization of geographical diversity in Nepal. 

An example of agro-tourism is Kumari organic vegetable fruit farms where organic vegetables and fruits are cultivated and produced. Also, the farm offers you with freshly prepared milk dishes.

Agro tourism can hugely contribute to the nation’s economy if implemented accordingly. Join us in this venture of experiencing the remote trekking untouched by the chaos of modern civilization. Independent Trekking Guide Cooperative is here to guide you through the journey.