Why Travel With Us

Independent Trekking Guides Adventure

Independent Trekking Guides Adventure was founded in 2010 with an objective of providing the optimum level of trekking services to tourists from a community of independent guides. This is a Nepal Government Taxable wing of Independent Trekking Guides Co-operative in Nepal. The mechanism with which the company runs where the tourist can hire their expert guides of their choosing has helped this cooperative to run successfully for the past 8 years.

This cooperative culture in the organization has led to many breakthroughs, including workshops conducted by senior guides in order to train the younger ones. The organization has been functioning on the principles of facilitating a working environment for guides that is growth-oriented and safe. The priorities of Independent Trekking Guides Adventures are divided into two parts, one is to provide their clients with what they need and want from the service. The guides in our organization are skilled to identify what you need out of your adventure but apart from this they add on other fringe experiences that will make the clients trip to the Himalayas a memorable one.

The second priority lies in rearing guides who are accountable and independent, the organization runs with a social objective of educating, protecting their guides well. This has led for the organization to churn out guides who take responsibility for their actions and work twice as much to deliver great service, the highlight of this community-based cooperative is how each guide comes together to share experience, exchange skills resulting in a very adaptive and skillful workforce guaranteed to provide you with a great service.

At Independent Trekking Guides Adventure you can hire independent guides and deal with them exclusively without the monotonous process of going through the entire organization. All of these guides have a cumulative experience of over 25 years and well versed in English and Nepali. Most guides have also specialized in other languages such as Japanese and Hindi. The training of these guides was done through NATHM and they have in course of their career scaled the Himalayan range multiple times as porters, organizers and are well versed in the areas. Although working as independent guides this organization has a united community that will take good care of you.

Socially Driven Organization

Our objective is to use our resources and exposure as guides to better the quality of life in the remote areas of Nepal, this need to deliver led for us to work with experts from various parts of the world to build a sustainable community in areas such as Nuwakot. With the help of a few US-based organizations, the once barren area with no education has fully functioning health post and skilled workforce. In addition, we made sure the guests and trekkers were well taken care of and often integrate these social driven organization on to the trip.

Advance Level Guides

Due to the nature of our organization which is highly community driven, our constant meet-ups with the guide and skill-based exchanges with newer guides have a lead for a workforce that is highly advanced. Every month the cooperation organizes skill-based workshops, where anecdotes, issues, and tips are exchanged this has helped build strong guides who are capable to handle any kind of issue.

Fuss Free Exchanges

As you will be dealing with independent guides as opposed to an entire organization the exchanges are fairly hassled free, from the start of the trip you will be connected to those that are going to be there in your journey letting you build a sense of trust even before the journey begins. The direct communication without a middle-man also saves time and leaves no room for misunderstanding.

Engaging Journey

As mentioned most of our guides are highly skilled, in addition to this they have scaled up the Himalayan range multiple times, we simply do not rest on the fact that the guide was born in Nepal but make sure they experience each area a number times to get familiar. This familiarizes leads to an experience where the guides know every nook and cranny, the flora and fauna of the area, the culture and people leading to a very information dense engaging journey.

Ethically Conducted

Our company was born out of the need to conduct tourism business ethically, where the workforce is honest and well taken care of. We make sure the guides are not left to struggle but feel included and valued, which is why our company along with providing skill building training are given upgraded gear every year along with an annual health insurance.

Honest Working Community

The ethical practices have led for an honest working community who go the extra mile for you, we do things deemed unnecessary by others to exceed your expectations, meetups every month despite our busy schedules to make sure that our community of guides is learning is one such example. 

Highly Initiative

As all of our guides work independently they already embody the entrepreneurial spirit, which means they are dedicated and very initiative. They do not wait for orders to be passed down but find creative ways to help you or aid you in the journey process. This spirit of initiation also led to the travel experience to offbeat paths, integration of social service and trekking.

Easily Accessible & Responsive

Our workforce delivers you fast and easy solutions, as planning a trip always comes with a set of issues our initiative guides are very hands-on and fast with their responses. You can contact us by email or through our website and we respond to you in real time.