Charity Treks

What is charity treks?

Charity treks are the treks organized to contribute to a specific cause.

Independent Trekking Guide Cooperative organize and provide logistics for people who plan to raise funds for development. Also, we organize free trekkings for those who help in the environmental cause. 

We provide local homestay with local food for those groups. The campaigns like tree plantation, garbage collection and sanitary camps fall under charity treks. You can spend your money to help the locals as well.

With proper fund and planning, charity treks can leave a remarkable impact in regards to the cause. The outpouring of support from local organizations and individual participants can make us committed to repeating the event.

In order to accomplish charity treks, members of the board, community organizations and large businesses donate goods and funding to support the cause. The major objective of charity treks is to ensure that 100% of the donations is given to the cause.


Your safety is our primary concern. Owing to that, our team of determined professionals ensures you a safe trip. Join Independent Trekking Guide Cooperative and make your trip a memorable one. For a safe trip, we adapt to the following safety measures:

  1. Satellite phones in case of emergency
  2. Gamow bag (In case of medical emergencies like altitude sickness)
  3. Medical kit