Lachhuman Tamang

When there is a will, one always finds a way, and this motivational sentiment has dictated much of Mr. Lachhuman Tamang’s life. Born in 1988, in the Solukhumbu district, it seemed that life circumstances would pull him away from his lifelong calling of providing services to explorers, however, with his dedication and pure passion he beat the odds every single time.

The climbing sector was shrouded by Sherpa climbers, during such a time, Mr. Tamang faced considerable troubles into making him known and be taken seriously. To add to this, he fell short in qualifying for Basic Mountain Climbing Training organized by NMA on his first attempt and was deeply disheartened. But, Mr. Tamang knew success comes to those who keep going, he kept on fighting for his dream. Soon enough after few detours and spending a year in Dubai to work, he came back to his roots, and to his passion of letting others view the spectacular views of the country. Again, he applied for the basic mountain climbing course organized by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) where his food hygienic training in Dubai played a major role and became a plus point for his qualification for that training. With a start over in his mind and more dedication than ever, Mr. Tamang began to slowly rise up to success as he began to porter again, this time gaining enough popularity that allowed him to join Independent Trekking Guides Cooperative.

Now, a certified and experienced climber, he has climbed peaks such as Dhaulagiri, Lobuche, and Manaslu many times, also submitting to Everest in 2013. Additionally, he is trained in Mountain leader training, Helicopter Marshall Training, and adventure sports. Furthermore, to ensure that his guests feel welcomed and understood, Mr. Tamang has mastered international languages like English and French, and is well versed in local ethnic languages such as Tamang, Sherpa, Nepali, and Tibetan.

Taking lessons from the past and using difficulties to his advantage, Mr. Lachhuman Tamang is now a member of American Mountain Guide Association (first Nepali to become the member) and is also a member of the Training & Expedition Committee-NMA. A classic example of what unwithering passion can help you achieve, Mr. Tamang has the soul of climber that only achieves and never quits.