19th July 2018

How to make friends while travelling?

Other than all the adventures and bucketful of memories, meeting new people and making friends while travelling from across the globe is what makes traveling so special. However, there are two types of people: those who can make friends by just breathing, and those who need a bit more of a push out of the comfort zone. Here we have listed six ideas to consider that may set you up for success in finding and building connections worldwide.

friends while travelling

Connect online

For the planner inside you, leverage different online communities like Reddit or Facebook to find others who are planning to go to the same destination in advance of your departing flight. Although it may seem farfetched at first, you can create a post on social media and let your friends know where you are going to see if they anyone. On the other hand, when you arrive at your destination, you can check Instagram and Facebook group pages among other apps to reach out and connect with your fellow travelers.

Keep a positive attitude

Time to smile! Make sure you keep a positive and friendly attitude while travelling. Making friends is a hundred times easier when you’re happy and upbeat. No one will want to strike a conversation with you if you give a bad vibe. Whenever you make eye contact with a stranger (local or tourist), be the first to greet and you never know where that might lead.

Attend local events

Attend an event in the town or city you are visiting, like a festival, concert or pub crawl. You can also go on a free walking tour, day excursion, or bus tour to connect with other travelers. Also, if your employer has an office in the town you’re travelling to, see if you can visit the office and mingle with your colleagues.

Stay at hostels

Plenty of backpackers and solo travelers choose to stay at hostels because they are cheaper than hotels. Due to that, you will come across a lot of open-minded people, and welcoming situations, like a dining hall-style breakfast or group fun activities that make it easy to mingle with others. Bonus: everyone usually has great travel tips, so it is definitely worth striking up a conversation, no matter where you stay.

Get out of your comfort zone

When you are out travelling, you may be tempted to stay cautious in an unknown surrounding. However, sometimes, you need to step out of your comfort zone to be able to find and connect with new people. You can try a new activity, go to a new place, and embark on a new adventure altogether, and you’ll never know how you’ll end up making friends. In retrospect, if you willing to take up that dare, you could go to a coffee shop or co-working space.

Learn the local language

In most places, it’s usually possible to get by with just English and some imaginative sign language but learning basic phrases in the local language will go a long way. And a little more than the basics will allow you to connect with people outside the familiar circle of English-speaking backpackers, giving you a brand-new perspective on the destination you are with visiting friends while travelling.

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