29th June 2018

Manaslu Tsum Valley: What to Expect?

The Manaslu Tsum Valley trekking trail lies in the far-flung and remote Manaslu region of north-western Nepal. Also known as the “Valley of Bliss” in words of Guru Rinpoche, it is believed that in ancient times, the region was a sought-after hub for meditation. Since the region was a restricted zone up to 2007 AD, it has remained virtually unchanged throughout the centuries. The way in which the region has successfully retained its unscathed beauty and medieval lifestyle and traditions, you can say that time has stood still here for hundreds of years. In Tibetan language, Tsum means vivid and that’s exactly how your trekking experience is going to be. Here we have listed down five experiences you can expect from an unforgettable journey to this unforgettable destination.

Incredible mountain views

This point may seem like a no brainer because, of course, you have made this journey primarily for mountains. But the list wouldn’t have been complete without this one. Alongside the views of Mt. Manaslu (8,156m), the eight highest peakon the earth, you can have beautiful views of surrounding satellite peaks like Mt. Baudhha, Mt. Himchuli, and Mt. NgadiChuli. The Manaslu peak is mere 40 miles east of Annapurna Massif, which means that you can also have pretty amazing views of the mountains from the Annapurna region. Furthermore, views of the mountains’ long ridges and valley glaciers accentuate your sightseeing experience.

Rare cultural experience

Since the region still receives a lot lesser extent of footfall compared to other trekking regions of Nepal, the routes haven’t been commercialized yet. Hotels and inns are sparse, that’s why the trekking style in this region will be teahouse trekking. Teahouse trekking offers the rare chance to get under the place’s skin and experience its lifestyle firsthand. Due to isolation from the modern world, the predominantly Buddhist culture and traditions of this region has remained unchanged and unaffected by external forces. Be it relishing in authentic local cuisine, living in traditional houses, or visiting ancient monasteries, Manaslu Tsum Valley trek will be your chance at a cultural epiphany.

Experiencing the wilderness

As we have made it clear in the second point, the region is yet to be commercialized. While it may have its share of cons like no internet for most part and no luxury of ordering continental food at a motel, you won’t be met by a flock of trekkers going the same way as you. You also won’t come across the heaps of garbage left away by trekkers. The paths are less-trodden and less explored, staying true to its original state. In this way, you can go out and have a true experience of wilderness far from the comfort of hotels and lodges.

Other than the experiences mentioned above, Manaslu Tsum Valley has so much more to offer than words could ever tell. It might not be high on the popularity radar like other trekking areas, but it is unmatchable in terms of the experiences that it grant.

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