10th November 2019

A Guide to Explore Nepal at its Best

Nepal is a land of mountains and valleys. It is located in the middle of the Himalayan Mountains. Hidden monasteries and peaks are the attractions of all time. It is a popular travel destination for tourists over the past years, and since 2016 it has been on the top list of travel destinations in Asia. You should know how to explore Nepal and experience the trip of a lifetime with a guide to explore Nepal at its best. Here is a list of things you can do when you visit Nepal.

Guide to explore in Nepal


Nepal is the land of climbing mountains. Whether you are a hiker or not if you want to enjoy the majestic mountains, their epitome of beauty and winds. Then you need to be prepared for trekking in Nepal. There are short treks, and then there are greater treks that take up to a period of 12 whooping days. If you are visiting Nepal for more than a week, then you can go for the Everest-trekking camp or the Manaslu adventure trekking camp with a guide to explore Nepal at its best.

Flights over the Himalayas 

As trekking sounds cool and all that. It is also very hard to trek all the way to the mountains and back. Some people get bored with climbing and tiredness strikes them good. This can often make your mood fall. 

But there are many other ways to explore the Himalayas and all the Nepal’s attractions. You can take a mountain flight tour easily that is available for tourists to enjoy the mountain peaks and true Himalayan beauty. Popular mountain peaks are discovered through these tours, and you can cover many sites in just one or two days!

A Visit to the Zoos and National Parks

There is a national park in Nepal called the Chitwan National Park. It is a must-see sight for the beholders. There are over thousands of species in one surface area, and you can certainly spend 2-3 days over there to explore the whole park aka zoo and also stay in the Chitwan hotels. 

The animals that have made a home over there have been endangered all over the world, but the last of some animal’s species are preserved in this park for years. The migratory birds, Indian tigers and many more are still over there.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is not everyone’s call. But anyone would love to take the mountain biking tours in the heart of the Himalayas as they are really fun and challenging. This way, you can explore the valleys and famous roads that have amazing and majestic views. 

The sceneries and trails are easier options to explore through mountain biking. The whole ride is not hard only specific patches come in between where you have to keep your speed to the minimum and ride carefully through. The Kathmandu bike tours in Nepal are the most famous ones. 

Sight seeing tours

There are many temples and monasteries in the scenic lands of Nepal. They constructed decades ago, and people come to visit them all the time. Some have pure beliefs, so they enjoy the rituals, and some take pictures, eat and enjoy the architecture. 

The best tours for sightseeing are the visit to the temples of Pashupatinath and the Koshi River. The river gives the best rafting and boating adventures for your trip. The classic Nepal tours and Trisuli river rafting tours are the best there is to offer. 

Guide to Explore Nepal




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