30th October 2019

5 Tips for Trekkers Dreaming of the Himalayas

Most of us have heard a lot of stories about the tragic events over the past few months in Nepal. No one can stop Mature Nature like avalanche, storms, cyclones and frostbites, but it doesn’t mean that you stop trekking in Nepal. Nepal is famous for its high mountains and excellent trekking locations; many trekkers go there each year to make their dream come true in the land of Himalayas mountains. Here are 5 Tips for Trekkers Dreaming of the Himalayas which will help you get the best out of your Himalayan Trekking Adventure.

trekking in Himalayas

1. DIY or outfitter?

Do it yourself or outfitter decision is on your experience with the mountains. Your trip is in order with an independent trekking guide Company as well as a local company. It all depends on your comfort, whether you prefer certified guides or local standard guides. Both can be appreciated depending upon your experience and choice.

2. Understand the basic of Altitude

Treks in Himalaya go to a very great extent, while in with us, only the tallest two reaches that certain height. If you are not adequately prepared and show a little negligence, then it can lead to multiple deaths. All the trekkers should do some research and know-how to avoid, understand, and deal with high altitude illness. Any ignorant behavior can cause death.

trekking in Himalayas

3. Weather forecasts

Another tip before you go for your trekking is to check the weather forecast. Sometimes it seems like pleasant weather but you never what’s waiting for you. Keep on checking the prediction even during your trekking because a few mishaps had happened during the last few years just because of the sudden bad weather.

4. Communications

Now, this is a common thing; you do not have signals at such high Altitude, so you cannot use mobile phones or any other devices to communicate. Excellent communication is vital during your trek, so you can keep checking the weather, follow someone updated on your location or call for an emergency. There are some satellite networks, especially for that purpose and also emergency locator devices, so study them before you leave for your trek.

trekking in Himalayas


5. Join global rescue

There are many reasons why you might suddenly need help right away during your trek. Having a helicopter rescue makes your trip much safer, but it is a costly rescue to have. So join global relief before going for trekking, it sends quick rescue on emergencies. It is also less expensive than helicopter rescues. You should always have a backup plan while going for trekking because you might experience dangerous situations, as it’s not very safe to trek on high mountains.



Although there are many tragic incidents in front of you, it cannot stop you from your dream trek on the Himalayas. Just like every machine comes with its safety measures, every sport has its own safety rules. There are many tips and regulations before you start your journey, but here are the top 5 Tips for Trekkers Dreaming of the Himalayas which every trekker should know to make their trek more memorable.

I hope it was helpful!

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