7th June 2018

5 Adventure Tours in Nepal That You Must Try

Nepal is almost synonymous with the term “The Himalayan Nation”. But, the country wasn’t just given the name on a whim. Out of the 2400 km stretch of the mighty Himalayas, incredible 800 km lies in the Nepal. That is a whooping one/third. However, it is just one of remarkable trivia about Nepal’s surreal geography. Along with the soaring snow capped mountains, the country boasts of colossal high hills, lavish jungles, serene lakes, choppy rivers and adventure tours. With the abundance of nature’s gift, Nepal has several adventurous locations to visit that will have you gasping for breath. Here we have listed 5 adventurous tours in Nepal that you must visit:

Annapurna region

Annapurna region in Nepal is the most versatile mountainous regions in Nepal. In addition to offering the most numbers of trekking routes in the country, the region also offers other adrenaline-pumping activities to satiate the adventure bug inside you. Here you can relish in activities like ice fall climbing, rafting through the deepest gorge in world, paragliding, mountain biking, adventure tours and mountain flights. Moreover, you can do all these while enjoying the surreal views of several eight thousanders!

Everest region

In arguably the most famous trekking region of the world, the Everest region of eastern Nepal is also a very versatile playground for adventure lovers. Other than trekking to the foothills of the tallest and youngest peaks in the world, here you can take on extreme adversity and hardships for an adrenaline-pumping experience by climbing through tough jagged peaks and ice falls and flying between the tall mountains. However, the cherry on the cake is embarking on Everest Sky Diving which allows you to jump from a plane on elevation of 29,500 ft.

Adventure Tours

Everest Region


While the magnificent beauty of Pokhara is well known around the world, its adventurous qualities are often overshadowed. Other than chilling at serene lakesides and roaming through the bustling streets, lately, the valley has earned a reputation for itself with its arsenal of adventurous activities. During you stay in Pokhara, you can indulge in amazing adventure activities like thermal paragliding, zip flying, hand gliding, ultralight, and white-water rafting.


While hunting and conservation don’t always go hand in hand, you can experience in the best of both worlds in Dhorpatan hunting reserve. Encompassing the area of Baglung, Rukum, and Myagdi districts of western Nepal, Dhorpatan houses an incredible variety of endangered wildlife and bird varieties. In addition to observing the amazing biodiversity in its natural habitat, here you can hunt a few selected species of wildlife in allocated areas.

Chitwan national park

The southern part of Nepal is home to dense and luscious tropical jungles that boast of several exotic wildlife species. There is a special charm about safaris, something about silently observing these amazing creatures in their natural habitat and observing their behaviors. If you love wilderness, Chitwan National Park is a good place for adventure experience. The area has preserved some of the best South Asian world life and safari experiences to choose from.

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