30th May 2018

The Pros and Cons of Visiting Nepal

Just like every coin has two sides, every story has two perspectives, nothing in the world is sans dual nature to it. Same is the case with Nepal. While the extent of pros while travelling to Nepal outweighs the cons by a huge margin, here we have made a list of 3 pros and cons each to make sure that you come prepared and make the most out of your Nepal visit.


The mountains

You might have had enough with the mountains being featured in every piece related to Nepal, but no matter how much one rambles about the Nepalese Himalayans, it will never be enough. Home to 800km stretch (one-third) of the whole Himalayans, Nepal is home to ten out of 14 highest peaks in the world. With over ten thousand identified snowcaps, Nepal is literally a Himalayan country. Be it from a vantage point of a quaint village or from thrilling pass above the clouds, the Nepalese Himalayans will never cease to amaze you.

The people

In Nepali, there is a very popular proverb, which when translated to English means “guests are equal to gods”. And mind you, Nepalese take this proverb by heart. Anyone who visits Nepal is amazed by the warm hospitality of Nepali people, their friendly demeanor and willingness to help. Even though the majority of Nepalese fall under rural population and have not much to offer you, they will never forget you to invite you for dinner or spoil you with handful of gifts.

The National parks

Often overshadowed by the great fables of the Himalayans, Nepal is also home to dozens of beautiful national parks, wildlife reserves, conservation areas, and hunting reserves. This amazing little country boasts of such versatility when it comes to biodiversity, you’ll be left wondering how. Whether you want to rewind in the foothills of snowcapped peaks at Sagarmatha National Park or explore the dense jungles of Terai on an Elephant’s back at Chitwan National Park, Nepal’s got it all covered.


The Pollution

Caught in whirlwind of development and modernization, most cities and suburbs of Nepal have become quite polluted. The matter is made worse by the high influx of population pouring in from villages. As the number or vehicles on road increases, the pollution is bound to increase. Also, when the wind echoing from the hills reach the construction sites dotted everywhere, the vicinity can get quite dusty!

The Roads

While most roads aren’t as dire as the roads in Bhutan, the roads of Nepal can certainly be better. The country boasts of several highways stretching in all different directions and availability of roadways in all districts of Nepal. However, most roads aren’t in a very good condition and still a good portion of Nepalese rural society are yet to have proper access to roads.

The politics

In a span of 60 odd years, the country has gone from a dictatorship to absolute monarchy, a democracy, a republic, and a federal state. However, with changing form of government, one thing has always remained constant – political instability. Although the country is peaceful and violent-free for most parts, there is always a probability of a strike or shutdown.

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