5th April 2021

How safe is Nepal to travel – Current covid 19?

Covid 19 has been a bad news for the whole world – equally if not worse, countries like Nepal are hit hard the most. Developing countries depend on an economy that relates with foreign affiliations such as foreign employment and employment that deals with foreigners. The latter is the tourism industry. 

Government at the helm 

The Government of Nepal has been pretty serious recently regarding Covid 19. By the end of February, Nepal has entered the second phase of a successful vaccination campaign against the virus. 

Front line workers such as cleaners, media person, medical personals were the recipient in the first phase, whereas, people involved in hospitality industries, academic institutions, basic service sectors officials are in the process of getting vaccines.

 Apart from this, a national announcement to strictly follow Covid 19 protocols along with proper health help desks are set up for the tourists. Strict directives are formulated at airports, travel agencies, tourist hubs and hotels to ensure safety and security of the travelers. 

Mandatory test

You can travel to Nepal given that you provide the valid documentation of your health status regarding the Coronavirus. Foreigners or any travelers entering the country have to demonstrate that they are not affected of Covid 19. Proper details for contact tracing are to be provided along with a valid PCR test within 72 hours of travel. 

Point to note is that you will receive a visa on arrival, this provision has not changed even within the Covid 19 context.

Humility and hospitality:

Few incidents in some parts of Nepal were reported where foreigners were threatened and intimidated by locals at the beginning of the pandemic. Those are usually due to misconception of the disease and confusion created at the situation of hassle and global lockdown. Nepal sets a high standard in their openness towards fellow humans, and visitors and tourists are treated as god. There are few dos and don’ts which normally are applicable in anywhere you travel away from your native country.


Nepal is one of few among the safest countries to travel. A safe haven for solo travelers regardless of your gender, numbers of tourists are surely increasing as the days progress. However, for safety concerns especially in the context of fewer people travelling in some of the remote trekking routes, it is advised for now not to travel alone off the beat tracks. Using reputable agencies, sticking with established routes and travel in companion is highly recommended at the moment. 

You can visit Nepal government official tourism sites for the list of travel agencies. 

Other health concerns:

Travelers may suffer from altitude sickness while ascending the highlands in the mountains. Proper gears – their use and usages, adequate acclimatization cycle, proper safety measures, first aid treatment basics, along with acquisition of adequate information, appropriate equipment is mandatory. Local authorities are available in urban as well as countryside. 

Always be prepared for some unthinkable incidences such as :

  • sudden weather changes
  • avalanches and snow drifts
  • landslides and flooding
  • glacial crevasses and hollows
  • rockfall
  • thunderstorms and lightning
  • altitude sickness
  • sun exposure

Expect the unexpected: 

Travelling through some of the toughest terrain in the world can take much longer than anticipated. Flights across the country, especially at high altitude may experience delay. Poor weather conditions can cause the delays or even cancellation. It is ideal to keep your tour planners contacted and you yourselves informed about the weathers, people and assistance from the local authorities.

Criminal activities:

Crime rate in Nepal is relatively low. Non-disturbed supply of electricity, proper lighting systems are common in urban areas. You should avoid poorly lit areas, especially when you are traveling alone. Use of electronic currencies and keeping valuables safely will do the magic. 

If you face any difficulties or problems regarding your safety, you can contact your tour agency and also reach the Tourist Police at Kathmandu via 014 700750 or 014 247041.

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