5th April 2021

Why Trekking in Nepal is the best idea, post Covid-19 context?

Covid-19 has probably provided an opportunity for an insight to you about the spirit of outgoingness, the essence of adventures in this uncertain life and creating history on your own will. We have certainly grown much closer to nature than any time before. 

So, you too have decided to start a new chapter in your life after Covid -19, what better way other than strolling through the amazing landscape of Himalayas and letting yourself away from the psychological trauma that you have bore throughout the global pandemic. 

Trekking in Nepal is as usual, open to welcome you with open arms; always a serene land that eases off your psychological conflict as well as gives you a boost in confidence and raises self-esteem of certain feelings of major achievement during the toughest hour of life.

Here are some reasons why even after Corona fear, Nepal still stands as the best idea or destination for Trekking around the globe:


International tourists who were stuck during the global lockdown experienced unique and one of the most anxious periods of their time. 

No one was certain of what a simple “tomorrow” had in store for them. Nepali hospitality – even before the pandemic was an example to the world, came forth to the rescue. 

Humble and always warm towards fellow human, Nepali people regardless of their positions were at their very best in serving and making the lives of the foreign friends somewhat at ease. Free meal campaigns, daily local food sharing activities were commenced to provide essentials for living for the stranded in the country. 

Improved transportation facility

Well, while the world was reset, Nepal also experienced a new wave of reformation in its road system. During the empty road conditions, 

Nepal government took it upon them as the opportunity to construct smooth new roads and properly repair and mend old ones. 

Dusty roads in and around major tourist areas are mostly reformed considering the visibility of the sceneries and the health of the visitors. It is also the best time for long rides.

Less crowd 

I guess by the time you read this writing, a few thousand tourists would have probably landed in Nepal. And a few hundred are already on their way to some of the most popular trekking destinations in the world such as Annapurna Base Camp, Makalu Base Camp, Langtang, Manaslu Base camp. 

And yes, probably a few hundred have scaled the route of Everest Base camp. In a normal year, there would have been some hundred thousand tourists, making these destinations some of the most crowded ones in the adventure world. 

Thus, this is the perfect time to pack your back and head towards Nepali mountains and enjoy the views, landscape, take some time to understand the lives, and spend the majority of time in the land of Mountains – undisturbed, unadulterated, and untouched.

Economic support

Nepal is rich in many aspects – and yet, in terms of economy, it stands as one of the least rich countries in the world. Tourism covers a large portion of the Nepali economy – as it does not only covers your arrival entry fees but also the local livelihoods; expenses that may sound pity for the foreigners – such as purchasing souvenirs, feasting at the local eateries, donations for local musical performances, or just simply taking pictures and letting the world know about the true Nepali beauties, everything really matters and actually helps. 

Global pandemic has obviously shown us a dark side of nature, however, it also is a perfect reason to celebrate the humanity that bodes around people who are hopeful, helpful, and adventurous. 


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