3rd November 2018

Everything you need to know about Dhampus Trek

The short trek to Dhampus is the befitting Trek or more of a hike for the ones with limited time on their hand. Be it single or family with kids, this destination is appropriate for everybody. The village lies on the border of Annapurna Conservation Area so you won’t need a permit to reach there. Here we are discussing Everything you need to know about Dhampus Trek.

With only one overnight stay, Dhampus offers people a chance to experience beautiful sceneries of series of the Himalayas to the north. Among many routes, there are major two routes which take you to the village of Dhampus. One is a beaten road which is also the motor road for vehicles and another is the series of stone steps. The beaten road is dusty and one frequently encounters with jeeps and buses. So, it will be better if you take the stone stairs to travel.

The main highlights of this trek are the moments of sunrise and sunset. Apart from these, this beautiful cultural village lets you stay in a stone tea house with views of the Annapurna Series. The main takeaway is that; you can get the best out of a trekking trail without covering much distance.

Here is a list of everything you need to know about Dhampus Trek

When to Go

As there are no high passes on this trek, you won’t have a hard time choosing your best season. However, trekking from October to November is the best time for every traditional peak due to the clear weather and mild temperature.

The preferred season for every trekker in Nepal is from October to November’s end. So, expect a bit of traffic in your way while travelling at this peak time. The end of December will get cold leading to freezing temperatures in January and February.

What to Expect

The trek lies to the west of Pokhara and is a short distance trek. Although the trek is a short one, it delivers a promise of picturesque view of the Annapurna and its sister peaks. The trek will be filled with beautiful rhododendron in the side hills if you are trekking during March and April month.

Also, this village of Dhampus is a cultural village with major ethnicity dominated by the Gurungs. Gurungs are the tribal community of Nepal who has shown their bravery in every regiment they have been listed on. In Dhampus too, you will get to see the Gurung culture and their way of life.


Dhampus is not a new touristic trek in the western region as it comes in par with the beautiful village of Ghandruk. So, the accommodation won’t be much of a problem for trekkers. There are a fair amount of hotels in Dhampus however, we recommend you to stay in a homestay for the true experience as a local way of life.

Homestay in Dhampus provides simple, clean bed with tasty supper and breakfast. You might want to try some Selroti (round pancake) for breakfast. The Nepalese Dal and Bhat will always be on the menu for dinner.

Unlike other treks, it won’t be a problem to charge your mobile and camera batteries in the homestay. Also, some homestay might have internet and some might not. Even if there is internet service, the speed is certain to be a slow one so it doesn’t matter anywhere you stay.


You won’t be needing maps for Dhampus trek as it is a short and easily accessible one. Firstly, the bus will take you to Ghattekhola, from where you will be hiking through the stone stairs to Dhampus. Also, the map of ABC will have the Dhampus trek itinerary in it.


You won’t be needing permits just for Dhampus trek as it doesn’t lie on the Annapurna Conservation Area. But, if you want to continue your trek from Dhampus to ABC or Mardi Himal then you can get the permits (TIMS) with a cost of 1000 Rupees. If you would like to travel independently then you will need to get a Free Independent Trekker (FIT) permit from TAAN (Trek Agencies’ Association Nepal). You can get these permits in Kathmandu (Same building of Tourism Board) or at Annapurna Conservation Area Project in Dam Side, Pokhara (Nepal Tourism Board Building) which will cost you 2000 Rupees.


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