23rd October 2019

4 Most Popular Trekking Packages In Nepal

Going for a  Most Popular Trekking package trip in Nepal is a dream come true for pretty much every adventurer out there. Nepal has some exquisite set of sceneries to treat yourself with, which even gets better when you start trekking as you approach the peaks. However, one major problem faced by almost all the people heading out to Nepal to trek is a considerable lot of packages available to choose from different packages. So, here we will guide you about the Most Popular Trekking Packages In Nepal ones and why they’re so good. Stay tuned!

4 Most Popular Trekking Packages In Nepal

Best trekking in Nepal

1. Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek

Not only does this trek lets you test your physical health and achieve mental peace, but it also allows you to become more spiritually aware, hence the “yoga” in the name and this is the most popular popular trekking package in Nepal.
The trek includes versatile wildlife presence as well, so you can treat yourself with seeing a vast range of wildlife for 12 days in just $1499/person. You can also take your peers along to add to the fun. However, there is a limit placed by the company of a maximum of 20 group members.
The total trip duration will be 15 days with trekking time, breakfast, and a few other meals that are in the trip cost, as well as the residence. The starting and ending point of the trip will be Kathmandu.

4 Most Popular Trekking Packages In Nepal

Base camp trekking

2. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trekking

Consisting of the combination of Nepal’s north Midwestern Himalayas region within Gorkha district, this is another quite popular trekking package to consider. Manaslu  also known as Kutang. It is the eighth highest mountain in the world.
This one is a relatively long trip lasting for a total duration of 26 days. However, the trekking duration will be 23 days, with average walking hours of almost 5 to 6 hours. The starting and the ending point is still Kathmandu with the trip costing a decent amount of $1599/person.
The stay will be at lodges and tea-houses, depending upon the place. The meals will include in the package, with the maximum group size of 8 people.

4 Most Popular Trekking Packages In Nepal

tsum valley trek

3. Gokyo Valley Trekking

If you’re somewhat into trekking and know a bit about the Everest region, you probably have heard about Gokyo valley and how it packs natural beauty. Experience of the exceptional turquoise lakes is one of the exclusive features it has.
The package includes breakfast and some other meals, stay in hotels/lodges with twin rooms and local transportation services. The starting and ending point is Kathmandu with a total trip covering 15 days and costing $1248/person.

Popular Trekking Packages In Nepal

Gokyo lake

4. Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Situated at a level of 4320 meters above sea level, it is the most popular trekking package in the Annapurna region, offering exclusive exotic views to the trekkers. It’s packed with the world’s fourth-highest mountains and the world’s deepest valley within its boundaries, making it worth a visit.
The price is relatively reasonable, costing only about $915/person for the whole 14 days, with
starting and ending points are again Kathmandu. The package includes transportation services as well as accommodation in decent hotels (3 stars or above).

4 Most Popular Trekking Packages In Nepal

Annapurna base camp

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