26th May 2024

A very different trekking company

Even though I never had the great pleasure of trekking with Jagat Lama or any other of his team, I know some friends who have and were utterly pleased.

I met Jagat Lama 9 years ago or so and try to see him every time I come to Nepal which is almost every year. He’s always been of great service for anything I needed his help or advice for, took time off his over busy schedule with a smile, and is just a delightful person to be with, speaking excellent English, being always polite, kind and cheerful.
2 years ago he helped organise a trek to Mustang for my son and myself.

By the way, Jagat Lama has started out as a porter at a very young age and this is probably the toughest job in the world, having to carry weights sometimes up to 80 kgs, having to deal with high altitude, bitter cold and fatigue, eating poorly in order to save money for their families, getting very low salaries ; such is the tough life of a porter. But Jagat Lama had great vision and talent.

So after many years of extremely hard work and thanks to his capacity of having learned English so quickly , Jagat Lama then became a guide taking groups or individual clients all over Nepal. His kindness and proficiency earned him a lot of sympathy and faithful clients coming back year after year.

But having experienced himself the hardships as a porter, who very often are ruthlessly exploited demanding them to carry maximum weight, Jagat one day decided that this was enough. He thus created his own Trekking Guide Cooperative working only with locals and making sure that they were treated correctly concerning weights and salaries as well as ensuring them decent conditions during the trek!

This makes his company stand apart from many other mostly profit oriented companies, a lot of which are foreign.
And in his spare time, which means Jagat Lama has hardly ever a moment for himself, he goes to his native mountain village Kumari, but the many extraordinary achievements Jagat Lama achieved there, are too long to explain here. But you might want to check it out: “healthanded4nepal.org”
There you will find out how Jagat Lama struggled all his life to help his remote mountain village Kumari, creating the first school and hospital which were sadly destroyed during the devastating earthquakes in 2015. But instead of moaning and giving up, Jagat just rebuilt everything!!! Yes!! It’s truly impressive when you learn about his his story and I’m deeply honoured to have such a compassionate and humble human being as my friend.

By the way, you must check out his Kumari coffeee shop not far from Swayambhunath temple, the best coffee (organic of course) of the whole valley!!!

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