26th May 2024

Highly Recommend

People heading to trek in Nepal typically do so to see and experience the magnificent mountains. Many. However, end up discovering Nepal’s greater gem – her people. Their warmth, hospitality and cheerful smiles are unmatched anywhere in the world, in my opinion. And Jagat Lama and his team at Nepal Independent Trekking Guides exemplifies this like no other. Of the 13 trips I have made to Nepal so far, I’ve spent time on 11 of them with Jagat, Chet, Chandra and many others within the cooperative. I consider them among my most cherished friends. As far as leading treks, I wholeheartedly endorse them. They are masters of organization and maintain an unparalleled network of porters and guides. Your safety is their prime concern. They offer flexibility and freedom you won’t find in many, if any, other Nepali outfitters. You’ll never be herded like cattle on tight schedules, forced to push ahead at a pace you’re not comfortable with. They know exactly how to make your trek as outstanding as it can possible be – perfect for you and your companions. They will open a window for you into the most wonderful people, sights, tastes and experiences authentic Nepal has to offer. I highly recommend them.

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