4th June 2019

trekking season in Nepal

All of us have our personal preferences when it comes to trekking; some of us like to trek in winter, some of us during summer and so on.The frequent change in seasons makes Nepal one of the most chosen destination by the trekkers. The six seasons each have their own specialties. Furthermore, seasonal trekking also adds up to the beauty of traveling by offering multidimensional perspectives over the trekking destinations. Here are some reasons to trekking season in Nepal.There are four seasons in the eastern world but Nepal has additional two seasons: rainy season and pre-winter season.

Nepal is a heaven for trekkers. Nepal not only offers a diverse trekking environment but also is suitable for trekking in every season.

The six seasons in Nepal are as follows:

  1. Monsoon Season:

    Monsoon in Nepal begins in mid-June and ends at early September. It influences the rainfall in summer.

  2. Summer Season:

    Summer season in Nepal starts from May and lasts till August.

  3. Autumn Season:

    Autumn in Nepal lasts from September to November. Autumn is also known as the festival season in Nepal since some of the major festivals fall on this season. The late autumn is also known as pre-winter.

  4. Pre-Winter Season:

    Mid-October to Mid-December

  5. Winter Season:

    The cold seasons starts from November and lasts till February.

  6. Spring Season:

    The spring in Nepal begins from February and lasts till April.

 5 reasons to explore Nepal in any season

Four Season Trekking in Nepal

Photo by Gavin Yeates

1. Irregularities in season

These variations in season make your journey while in Nepal an enchanting one. The irregularities in seasons provide you with an opportunity to experience the diverse topography of Nepal. It lets you experience every aspect of nature. Each season has its own specialty which helps travelers choose among the seasons they prefer. Nepal charms travelers with its mesmerizing beauty in each season. The seasonal variation lets you choose between the seasons you’re most comfortable to trek in and plan your trip accordingly.

2. Home for researchers

If you are into innovation and experiments and are looking forward to working in an area with geographic, socio-cultural and topographic variation, then Nepal is surely the best destination for you.Nepal is the only country with lowest altitude and highest peak, both in one nation. This geographical diversity has led to topographical variation as well. Nepal witnesses tropical to extreme temperatures and seasons. From the himalayan trail in the north to the green hills ending up in the flat terrain in the south, Nepal is a home to varieties of crops.

The variation in the species of plants are based in accordance to the topography, humidity and other geographical factors. These geographical diversity has also supported to the formation of mines and caves. Nepal is a heaven to geographical experts for they can carry out relevant research here. Each mile holds remarkable diversity from east to west and north to south in Nepal. Nepal is suitable for all research purposes as such and hence is a home for researchers. You don’t only observe but live the diversity here.Nepal has been a research centre for many researchers all over the world.

3. Agro Tourism

The majority of people in Nepal are engaged in agriculture. The varieties of animals, birds, and plants also reside in each geographical regions. The waterfalls, glaciers, lakes and all the natural picturesque make Nepal a perfect place for agro tourism. People engaged in agriculture in Nepal are still earning their living without any sophisticated farming equipment. Different types of plants and crops grow in six seasons here. Traveling while exploring agriculture and getting insights on the primitive yet authentic way of agriculture is certainly very exciting.

4. Cultural richness

Nepal is not only rich in terms of natural beauty. The geographical diversity has also led to the richness in the culture here. Some of the cultural heritages having authentic craftsmanship are also listed in the UNESCO World Heritage list. Tourists from all around the globe come here to witness the glory in visiting these heritages every season. The culture and tradition lets you dwell into the beauty of history and culture here in Nepal. The multilingual people who unite into one common motto of nationality is what attracts foreigners the most.

Nepal is famous for its unique festivals and traditions. There are festivals for every month throughout the calendar. Festivals unite people from various race, caste, and ethnicity. People from all over the world come here to observe and celebrate the unique festivals throughout the year. This also lets travelers exchange culture and experience the joy of traditions and festivals in Nepal. Due to the diverse topography and geography, the biological distribution of Nepal is also diverse. Each

5. Biodiversity

region shelters different species of creatures. The wildlife including flora and fauna has become more fascinating as a result of this. The snow-capped mountains, the lush forests, the mesmerizing glaciers, the animals, the plants and nature as a whole has been the major tourist attraction for many years.

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