25th August 2019

Why Is Home stay In Nepal Always A Good Idea

Home stays have been quite famous in Nepal now since they offer a more relaxing and exciting environment and are affordable as well. Nepal is known for its beauty and hospitality; the locals of Nepal are used to make everything from scratch to raw into something wonderful and amazing. 

Home stays lets the visitors have a clear insight into the place. They offer you comfort no hotel can; it is said to be a true example of “home away from home.” Let’s look at some reasons why they’re always a good idea. 

Home stays in Nepal

Life in Nepal (Closer look) 

Living in the heart of Nepal, already sounds amazing, right? One of the main reasons to choose home stay is because of the close look you get at Nepal’s diverse culture and traditions. No doubt, home stays give you a real taste of Nepal and the life of the people of it and all the beauty behind the tall buildings and expensive hotels. 

Now you must be thinking why would you wanna leave your comfortable home and stay in a village while being a tourist, there is a famous saying that goes like “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”, not only this but also because you can spend your dollars on some deserving hands, without having to worry about your budget getting out of hands. 

Language and festivals  

August is known to be the best season for home stay trek at Nepal because of the main festivals of these Nepalese people; if you go for a home stay in this season, you can have one of the most memorable and amazing moments of your life in these festivals. While staying at the locals in Nepal, the tourists can immerse in the local traditions of Nepalese and maybe even learn one or maybe two lines of their language. 

Although Nepalese speak almost 123 languages, the main language is of course Nepali. Nepali people are very keen and will happily teach you their mother tongue, and maybe even ask you to teach them English!

Cultures and Heritages 


Traveling alone can get lonely sometimes, you often don’t have anyone to tell how your day was. Well, no worries because home-staying provides you new friends to share your stories with as well as the warm feeling of a home. 

The Nepali’s are known for their friendliness, and having company is one thing hotels can’t compete with, by compromising on your luxuries and comforts you can get cozy, comfy, homely feeling with best trekking guides. Nepalis make sure you are feeling like a family member and an important part of the house on your stay which is 100/100 recommended and just so wonderful no?


The Cuisine

You have probably already heard of Dal (pulses) that as it is the favorite national food, but do you know that Dal that tastes different everywhere you go in Nepal. Usually, locals prepare traditional meals, so you don’t feel like you are missing out on something, but there are also different groups from local to ethnics, the food may also differ because of the different tribes. Fun-fact, the locals, even let you put your skills at work with their help. 

Simple Nepalese hygienic foods


Simple to put, choosing home stay over hotels is once in a lifetime experience. As you trade the luxuries, you get an entirely different and fun-filled experience which lets you enjoy even off your trips there, not only this but it saves you a load of bucks as well!


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